Life changes whether we like it or not. Change is a guaranteed constant, year after year. Changing anything —even those changes we initiate— doesn’t mean the change will be easy.

While we’ve all had those moments when we’d like to prevent change and  freeze time — our work lives change; daily routines change; family and friends move, get sick and die. We’re constantly changing: Aging from the moment we are born. We’re always “getting older.” It’s a fact of life that comes with birth.

Change is always accompanied by a period of discomfort and/or stress — even when it’s a positive change for the better. Growth is actually optional during any experience involving change. We have the option to resist. But it’s only our ignorance that would choose resistance. Ignorance, which sounds kind of a harsh, is really defined as unawareness or unfamiliarity with the experience. When we are ignorant we are choosing to ignore. But, we have the opportunity to choose growth by educating ourselves with new knowledge and information about the latest change. This is how growth flourishes, how we empower ourselves  and how we win the fight of resistance and reduce our stress, improving our physical health and mental wellbeing. Resist or Grow. Since I know our years have made us wiser…how are you growing today?

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