The @JustinBieber concert at the Barclays in Brooklyn was exceptional on multiple fronts. It addressed the importance of having faith in God & his plans for us; accepting our humanity including our past stumbles, guilt & sins; knowing that there are problems in the world; but also understanding that maybe we can each do our part & inspire hope in others to make the world brighter for all by each of our own actions. • The show began with a sincere testimonial to the Power & Love of God. From there it unleashed a phenomenal display of musicianship. Love; Hope; Community; Peace; Justice; Strength; Equality & Inspiration along with positive vibes + more were the theme interspersed with hit song after hit. • Ten years ago I attended the Justin Bieber “Believe” Tour with my daughter @Chamonixx (who filmed this clip). She was only 12. Last night she was my date again for the “Justice” Tour. She partly remembers the first concert, whereas I recall every detail. Kind of funny how memories work — but Life is so full and varied between 12 to her current age of almost 22. From elementary to junior to high school & now a college graduate. Of course, I was busy too during those years with work, mothering & more — but I guess in some ways my life had more rhythm to retain the memories, or perhaps it was because I was just plain older! • It’s quite remarkable to see a show like this by an artist who is clearly so multi-faceted in his talent: Singing, dancing, entertaining, piano, drums & guitar. Interesting, too, because he’s someone who grew up so publicly through his teen years, well into his twenties, something that certainly isn’t easy on any level. I wouldn’t have wanted any spotlight on me during those equivalent years in my life.• But like all of us, JB grew up and he clearly got stronger, grounded and more amazing along the way. I give the kid who grew up under a worldwide harsh spotlight into a mature young man a lot of credit. We left invigorated & refreshed with hope & love right down to our sore throats & feet from singing & dancing for two solid hours! • Thanks to my friends @TMobile for hooking us up with tix to one of their partners + our favorite musicians- JB!