I’ve always been fascinated with weeds.

Weeds are marvelously inspiring examples of strength, particularly those that push their way through seemingly strong barriers like cement or tar. I so admire weeds that I always have to stop and take their pictures. Can you imagine their energy? The perseverance and determination to reach the surface and sunlight?

Weeds don’t wait to get planted. No special fertilizer is needed. They grow despite the circumstances. They push through and stand tall. Some even flower beautifully, like dandelions…or in this case, a pansy! Then, even after their flowering days have passed, they still provide us with hope as we blow their seeds into the wind to make wishes.

It’s our nature to be strong. To push through adversity even when it seems like all forces are against us. Storms make trees grow deeper roots. Adversity makes dandelions grow roots that can reach one to two feet deep into the Earth, compared to the four to six inches we see above ground.

Like the dandelions and weeds, we are much stronger than we think or might show to the world. Something beautiful will grow from whatever you are going through: It will be you. You’ll grow along with the stuff dreams are made of.

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