Most disagreements are breaks in the harmony of a relationship. If we can remember that two minds are usually better than one and that we can learn from one another, even during disagreements, harmony is likely to be more quickly restored. 

Whether with our partner, children, work associates or others important to us — it helps to remember that disagreements are not the same as a debate.  We don’t win by defeating the other: We win by pulling together rather than apart. If we put another on the defensive, set up that proverbial, “walking on eggshells” foundation, we will ultimately lose the intimacy of the relationship. 

If we can remember that no relationship is ever in 100% agreement and that it was quite likely our differences that brought us together in the first place, resentment is less likely to take a destructive hold.  

Differences are clues that our unity needs a tweaking. Differences do not mean our unity is weak. Instead differences are signs that our unity is strong enough to value the fact that something needs to be discussed, heard and explored for its potential of reaching new and stronger possibilities.  

Two things are of utmost importance during disagreements: Upholding the respect and maybe love that we have for the other and remembering that few people will change their point of view in another’s direction in a moment of disagreement. Change of perspective requires private time and contemplation away from the disagreement.  It’s highly important to respect and allow that time for ourselves and others to grow and, ultimately, reunite thinking.

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