I truly try to “do life” one thought at a time.  

When I don’t like where my mind is drifting — I stop. Literally, I tell myself “Stop it.” Further, I tell myself that whatever I’m thinking about is not happening in this present split second but rather that I’ve “mentally stepped out of the moment.”  

If the event that is disturbing me IS in the moment, I tell myself: “Watch it.”  While I’m watching, I ask: “Do I need to do something about this now, or can I just observe.”  When the answer is that I can’t do much about the situation because it is out of my control or my response might adversely escalate it — I try very hard to shift from mental to physical mode.  I physically disengage; close my eyes; take some deep breaths; walk away if necessary; start cleaning or organizing; go exercise; take a walk; or whatever releases the tension that has built. 

Stopping the thought and shifting to focusing on a physical action helps my mood and gets me back into either release or solutions mode.  

I have not mastered how to deal with stress and stressful situations. I blow it regularly. But since I know this is a process that works, when I fail, I try to kindly reflect upon it as my practice at be-ing a good spirit visiting Earth in human form. 

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