Poor posture has become more common these days due to technology’s impact on work lives. We’re not always aware of how our posture can affect us, especially in the workplace. It is easy to get lost in a project and forget how we are sitting. Static positions for long periods of time aren’t natural for our bodies and can reduce blood flow, cause fatigue or other health risks. It’s our posture that keeps us balanced and prevents gravity from tipping us. “Becoming more aware of your posture and trying to correct it can do a lot of good for you and your career,” says Charlotte Reardon, a Wilhelmina model, ex dancer & movement coach.  Here, she shares some of the benefits you’ll gain by improving your posture. 

Hurry up!

It’s a fact that when you’re tired the first thing to go is your back. Slouching or sitting in any static position for too long causes a strain on your back and core. Being productive and finishing tasks in a timely manner is important, the more you move throughout the day, the better it is for your body.

Gain some confidence!

Strong body language projects confidence and increases self-esteem. Hunched shoulders may suggest you’re shy or less sure. Standing up tall with good posture and open arm positions creates an appearance of greater confidence and power. Let’s get that pay raise once and for all!

Less pain? Yay!

Slouching and hunching over puts a strain on your muscles and ligaments. This can cause pain throughout your body. Chronic pain can lead to an array of health issues and ultimately interfere with everyday life activities.

Your Mum’s advice was right when she said, “Stand up tall!”

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