It’s said that if we change ourselves our fortunes will change. And, good things come when we least expect them. Aesop proposed that we could have too much of a good thing. Considering this, whether you feel fortune is favoring you or not, my favorite expression is: “Save your good fortune.” Basically this means don’t boast or squander what you have whether you believe it to be plentiful or lacking. Value & cherish exactly how things are or we may be regretting if it slips away.

While we all need x amount to pay our bills & celebrate a bit, plenty of research confirms that more does not always equate to happier. Enough is really the goal. The best way to get to enough is not necessarily making more money, but watching how we spend. Working more to buy more is a great plan, but it could also be less satisfying than working an average week & enjoying free time, doing more of what we love.

Making & spending money is founded in personal values. On this note, resist assumptions as to what may be in someone else’s pocket. When I was 18, managing a health club, there was a charismatic member who had been featured on the cover of a major magazine and he was living life large. My boss, who at 67 was also my first mentor, chided my glorying, saying “things might not be what they seemed.” Naively, I thought, “Hmmm. He must be jealous.” Long story short…6 months later, that very same member was jailed for a high-profile scam because he was living off other people’s money.

So the moral of this story? Recognize your own good fortune and don’t compare to that of others.

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