There was a time when I believed that the expression: “Good for you” sounded like a total diss. A way of blowing off recognition of the accomplishments of myself or another. Upon reflection, “Feeling a bit sensitive and insecure?” is what I would say to my younger-self going if I had the opportunity to coach her. Let me tell you why…

Age has taught me that what is good for you, may not be good for me…and vice versa. That’s a fact.

Choices that are good for us individually, at times may have nothing to do what might be good for another. This doesn’t make them good or bad, right or wrong. It simply means they are  indications of preferences of what one might like vs. what another might like. What we want, may not appeal to others at all. What we feel, may be feelings that others do not understand nor relate to. Directions we want to move in, may be incomprehensible to another. Desires to learn something in particular, may be of zero interest to another.

“Good for you” is simply that. What is good for you, is good for you. No awestruck adulation or validation is necessary from others when we share our ideas, accomplishments, thoughts or plans.  Be honest: We don’t always relate personally to what others share or are excited about. But we can respond: Good for you. I’m happy this is making you happy.

Genuinely feeling this way is good for you.

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