I read my first Ginni Conquest book after meeting the author in person. She told me she wrote daily while commuting to work in NYC. Instantly captivated by her fun, wildly vibrant and warm personality – I was intrigued to get under the covers to find out what kind of stories she might tell in the pages of a book. My initial reaction: Few people are better to write hot romance novels than someone who has spent decades in the heat of it all, representing many of the hottest people in the world as an agent at Wilhelmina Models.

While admittedly I’ve read very few romance novels, I’m an avid reader of all genres with a short attention span. I know good story telling when I read it and must be captured by the story quickly. Without disclosing too many details, let me say: Ms. Conquest is a sizzling storyteller! Unlawful Love grabbed my imagination fast – making me both giggle and sweat – while keeping me “in the mood” to turn more pages. With 8 books now published – Unlawful Love may be my new favorite. This motorcycle genre is a new road for the author, but Ms. Conquest takes readers for an exciting ride. Fast, romantic and sexy-yet-sweet tension all combine to make this book a great addition to any romance book reader’s library. Unlawful Love is a thrilling page-turning trip.

Pick up a copy!