Lots of new research reports that experiences provide greater satisfaction than accumulating yet another thing. Based on the ongoing discussion with others here, I’d say this research is  accurate. In fact, many of the comments shared on this blog have been about getting rid of stuff, downsizing and starting new adventures.

Various people have shared that their advancing years seem to bring new priorities: Accumulating seems to be getting replaced with doing. Playing music again. Creating all forms of artwork. Dancing. Cooking & baking. Getting together to play cards or other games. Writing books. Joining a new club, organization or volunteering.

There have also been many other comments about the urge to go exploring and to begin new travel adventures. These might involve hikes down trails that are beckoning exploration…or maybe it’s a camping road trip to another part of the country. Cruises & flights to new places that have been on a to-do list, seem to be moving onto a variety of “plan” checklists.

Basically, getting experiential is doing anything that we’ve thought about and wanted to do, but just never did…or never did enough of!

Experiential living doesn’t have to be expensive: There is a great deal to see & do in this life that can be new, different & inexpensive. However, without action, the opportunity to do so may fade away. What are the experiences you’d like to try? Please tell me how you feel about the idea of experiences vs. things. And if experiences are what you crave, please share your vision and plans.

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