Silver Disobedience® began as my way of coping with deep pain when my best friend of 36 years was very ill. She’s 20 years older than me – and now, fully recovered. Yet, sitting in the hospital for 5 weeks, I spent time reflecting on my observations, conversations, readings & mediations.

I wrote a 1st blog contemplating whether “old” was a number or an attitude. I shared it on Facebook. 2,500+ people shared their thoughts. The response inspired me to keep posting. I added Instagram & Pinterest + a website, SD.Rocks .

I never had a goal to build followers. I wanted to start a conversation with like-minded people. Frankly, I’ve been amazed at how this discussion has grown. I appreciate that you let me to lead what has become the largest conversation ever about aging, life & learning about ourselves.

Hosting this daily discussion is a responsibility I take seriously. I enjoy engaging & reading what you share.

Last week I hosted a give away. I did it to spread cheer. I asked people to tag others – not for more followers, but with hopes of sharing joy that can be difficult to summon during these unprecedented times of “self-distancing.”

Many followed, but not in the spirit of our community…just for the give away.

So, I’m changing things up: I will still continue to send out 3 gift boxes every week. If you follow this account—You’re automatically in. That’s it.  I’ll choose 3 names randomly every week on Instagram by flicking my follower list & seeing where the spin lands. I’ll tag the winners and sponsors (if any) within my weekly posts so you can DM me your address. If you receive a gift box, I hope you’ll kindly check out the pages of anyone who donated. I’ll include their @handle in my personal note in each box. Donated items are from companies who value us & their values are aligned with ours.

Lastly, I write, not because I’ve got it all “together.” I write to remember to “Walk my Talk.” You’re all making me a better person. For this, I love you and I’m grateful. Thank you. @DianGriesel aka @SilverDisobedience