Did you know that there is a system within the body that scientists call: The Generator of Diversity or GOD? Really. This refers to the fact that the average adult human has about a million different antibodies and each is trained to attack different germs.

Individual diversity is what makes all ecosystems, populations and species of all forms  of life robust and strong. It is well established that this diversity factor makes it possible for us to better cope with environmental stresses. This powerful impact of diversity is documented in science over and over again because it benefits us all right down to the most elementary (which is far from elementary) basic forces .  Highly related, intertwined and interdependent mechanisms cannot exist in the body and therefore in the larger ecosystem of life as well without diversity — each “part” playing its different role.

It is impossible to imagine or measure the true scope of diversity of life forms.  In beetles alone there are 450,000 varieties! The differences in diversity range from genetics to life cycles to social behaviors — yet the extinction of any single species is recognized for its potential to wreak havoc, causing irreparable damage to the entire life system. All this bio and genetic diversity is believed to improve the “health” of all life within the ecosystem to environmental and other threats.  

More fascinating is that what we refer to as “individuality” actually is able to exist because of all these inter-cellular relationships.  We’re in this climb of life together because science proves — right down to the most minute microbial level, we need each other.

Just the random stuff I’m thinking about today which is far from random…yet oh-so-vitally-important, yet beyond my comprehension.  

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