At any age it is not uncommon to wonder or even worry about what the future holds.  Looking back won’t help. Instead, the best way to create peace with these concerns for the unknown is this: Make today your best day by doing the most with that which you have and figuring out ways to do something even better. 

In some ways this seems too simple. It’s easy to discount all that woo-woo talk about the power of the moment. But if we step back and bring rationality to our worries about the future, it becomes clear that the only way to possibly improve future outcome in any area of our lives, is to do our best work in that area today because a lot of best days start to add up! 

By example, suppose we want to be healthier tomorrow. I think we can agree, this is unlikely to happen while watching TV and munching a bag of chips.  However, we can start with making today a “best” day by choosing to eat more fruits and vegetables and getting up and moving. IF we are making healthier food and activity choices— it’s not illogical to conclude that we are simultaneously improving our health.   The same goes for anything. For example, writing has been instrumental to my work for my entire life and I have written many books on a wide variety of topics. But, committing to writing a blog every day for now over 2 years or 730+ days, when I sit down to write or edit anything for either myself, a client or a friend — my vocabulary and the fluidity of my thoughts have improved exponentially. I’m particularly happy about this because I feel this is an essential process that will also keep my brain sharp — which is something I hope for until my last day.   

If you find yourself worrying about the future, ask yourself, what can I do better today.  While I have no idea what our futures will reveal, I do know that following this rule of living will increase our life satisfaction in real time.

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