Today is Friday the 13th and there will be a full moon that will be visible just before midnight. That last time this happened was back in 2000 and it’s not going to happen again until August 13th, 2049. (Hey Bro, @thomasgriesel you’ll be 97 that day, and I’m already planning the celebration…and everyone here is invited!)

NASA calls this the “Harvest Moon” because farmers have benefitted from the extra light. Followers of the super natural say today is particularly powerful and is associated with better connections with our emotions, intuition and artistic abilities. 

I believe it’s a perfect day to marvel at the beauty around us. Then tonight, look up to the cosmos. See the stars and gaze at the full moon. Reflect and remember that we are all made of the exact element, carbon, that radiates such magnificence. We are one with the moon and stars. 

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