I used to live on West 55th Street in NYC. My apartment was a 5 floor walk up, but it was a one bedroom. That bedroom represented a significant upgrade from all the studio apartments I’d lived in. If you’re not familiar with a NYC studio apartment, imagine a 300-400 square foot box. That’s it! Don’t go looking for the other rooms because there aren’t any! With the exception of a tiny bathroom — the kitchen, bedroom &  closets are all part of the box.  So, as you might imagine, an actual 1-bedroom, was a significant upgrade!

To this day, I have immensely fond memories of that apartment largely because while I lived there, I used to imagine the luxurious life I wanted one day. I had just started a specialty PR business — without much knowledge in my “specialty.” My days started very early and ended very late as I stumbled through grasping complex science and structured finance— while hoping my few clients would not notice that I was learning on their dime. In retrospect, I’ll always be grateful for those CEOs who took a chance on my willingness to hustle and figure it out because at the time my real knowledge was limited. They ignored it, and taught me. 

Money was tight, but I allowed myself the single luxury of joining the spa at the Peninsula Hotel next door.  I’d wake up early, and by 5:30am, the doorman would let me enter through the back spa/service entrance to take the elevator to the gym for a workout. Afterwards, I’d luxuriate in a hot shower, drying off with unlimited towels and putting on an exquisite robe that I wore as I dried my hair with their hairdryer and put on makeup. I felt like a Queen (in a robe who who didn’t have to do the laundry!) Each visit helped me to visualize and “feel” the success that I one day wanted to achieve.

I’m sharing this story because a couple of weeks ago, I shot a campaign for @fretteofficial  It was a great shoot with a wonderful team. This week, most unexpectedly, I received this amazing robe in the mail as a gift from @hbyfrette — whose linens and robes can be found at @thepeninsulanyc and other fine hotels.  Instantly, my mind was flooded with all these wonderful memories. Putting on the robe made me smile. It triggered a reminder of all the subtle yet important ways visualization can help us dream up the life we ultimately want to live. 

PS: This is a rare selfie. I much prefer photos taken by the professionals!

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