It’s easy to get stuck in our thoughts. These days countless messages are bombarding our peaceful natures while we may be living our days more closely with others. An expression I’m trying hard to keep in mind is: “A tenth of an inch of difference (as in disagreement) and Heaven and Earth are set apart.”

Most of us only fight or get upset in situations  or with people we actually care about. It’s usually easy to walk away from things or others we’re not emotionally invested in. But when we fight with those we love or for what we believe is important— it’s almost as if we feel we are fighting for our very existence within the relationship. (Hint: The other person is feeling this way, too.) But that’s not really what we’re fighting. We are fighting our endless stream of thoughts about a situation or person that may be based in experience & knowledge — but they are also very based in fear.

It’s extremely difficult to not react to incessant commentary. I’m working real hard on this these days — and truth be told —failing plenty.  I’m trying very hard to remember when disagreements start to rise, that I’m thinking. Likely I’m afraid about something. My thoughts move me away from the other person, not towards the unity and peace that I desire. I want to keep getting better at listening so I can hopefully be better at relieving the other of the stress they clearly need to release.  I don’t have to have an opinions on much. Opinions would just be another thought. My job is to observe the angst of another, which would bring me closer to God. This will probably take me a lifetime, but each morning gives me a fresh start to try again.

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