Often we avoid making decisions in important areas of our lives. We do this because we believe that by not making a decision, we might alter the outcome. Really we are attempting to evade, flee, shirk, duck, or ignore our responsibility in the situation. It’s faulty thinking to believe that we can push things off, when we know we would be better off with making a decision. Choosing to not take action, is not without consequences. 

One of my all-time favorite wisdom-loaded song lyrics is one by Rush. The song is Free Will and the line says, “You can choose not to decide but you still have made a choice.” It’s funny, I can’t even type that line without imagining Geddy Lee singing it because the essence within the words is so powerful. 

It’s worth asking yourself: Am I hurting myself in anyway by not making a decision that needs to be made? If so, it might be helpful to give yourself a deadline. A new year is coming. Maybe it’s a good time to set some plans in motion with active decision-making. It’s rarely good to put ourselves in a position whereby others are making our decisions for us.

PS:   @GK_Lolla took this photo.  I added the old polaroid, instant film type filters because there’s something about old fashioned overexposed film that has always captured my attention. I particularly miss those Kodak moments when I’d find an old roll of 110 or 35mm film in a drawer that I forgot to develop (or didn’t have the money to develop when I was a teen) and then I’d be surprised by the images of who or what I might find captured for eternity in the photographs. I know many of you will relate.  

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