I’ve got some exciting news! Starting today, I’m going to begin posting a variety of guided meditations on my podcast which you can find here and subscribe to via the channel of your choice. https://anchor.fm/dian-griesel ) Each meditation will be free, and you can download & listen as often as you’d like. All that you will just have to do is tune in, get in a comfortable position (while not operating any machinery!) and listen.  Personally, I prefer to listen while lying down. ✨

As I’ve said in the past, I am a card-carrying member of the Hypnotists Union.  I’ve studied all forms of hypnosis & meditation for over 35 years. I’ve helped people learn self-hypnosis (and ALL hypnosis IS self-hypnosis) to better manage all kinds of issues and I’ve even worked in hospital settings during operations pre-anesthesia or as an alternative to it. I firmly believe that the natural deep relaxation that can result from a good guided meditation break is one of the most amazing God-given gifts we have. ✨

Using sequential muscle relaxation coupled with creative visualization, a wholly natural, deeply relaxed state can be achieved.  While movies falsely depict hypnosis as if one is under the control of another — this is just not true. Hypnosis requires voluntary participation by the individual seeking to relax. By choosing to relax into a greater state of calm, becoming hyper-aware and more open to suggestions that may help align our thoughts & actions in ways that we believe would positively impact our lives. (This is why hypnosis can help change habits.) Anything else we hear, that doesn’t suit our goals, is basically rejected or ignored. No hypnotist can make anyone perform actions against their wishes.  ✨

While I published a guided meditation series years ago…they were on cassettes! SO, I’ve decided now is a good time to re-record my most popular sessions. ✨ If you are not familiar with hypnosis or guided meditations — do some online research. Then? Feel free to tune in for free as often as you’d like.  I wish you greater relaxation, love and peace. Stay tuned! 💜 Love, Dian Griesel aka @SilverDisobedience