We all have days when we feel unhappy about something. I once heard a comedian joke:  “I ask my wife, ‘Can you tell me how long do you want to be angry with me? I’d like to know so I can grab a burger and come back when the coast is clear.’” 

That line has always stuck in my head because some of us really hang on to anger. Others seem to have developed a better switch for turning it off and moving on.

The good news is that we can hit reset and adjust our perceptions at any time. It is something worth practicing and we can get really good at this over time. IF not right after the upsetting moment, we can still choose to wake up and see things differently with the new light of day. Perhaps our reset is accomplished by speaking up, changing our own actions, doing something we need to do but have been neglecting to choose to do. Whatever it is: We can decide to get over it, get on with it, get moving… at anytime.  While it might not always seem this is in our control, we are in charge of how we interpret the events and people we encounter daily. We each determine how long we want to carry our interpretations of the weight of their actions…which can get mighty heavy and tiring.

Sometimes I think a day is only 1,440 moments because it feels like that might be all that we can handle. Other times it doesn’t feel like 24 hours is enough!  Either way, that’s what we get if we’re lucky.

To use your reset button most effectively: Stop. Breathe. And pray for strength. And, remember: You don’t have to wait until morning if now is a better time to hit it.

PS: This is a no retouch photo from a shoot with Peter Hurley. Make Up & Hair by Francisco Valera

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