(SD-SP) Making life-changing decisions, such as moving, can be hard. This is particularly true as people get older. Some people, who have had the same place of residence for decades may now find that they need to relocate for any number of reasons — to be closer to family, to save money, to have an easier time with aspects of day-to-day living and maintaining a lifestyle. Part of the reason why these decisions can be especially difficult is because people tend to focus on what they will no longer have versus what they will gain. Even though moving may be a hard decision, here are some of the top gains that people who move to senior living communities, like Brookdale, should consider.

Gaining support

As people age, some may require more frequent medical care, help with managing medications or assistance with mobility to get around. Assisted living communities like Brookdale can help provide people with the independence to do the things they love with an additional built-in support system. At Brookdale, staff members are on-site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Rooms are spacious and the hallways are wide, designed with ease of getting around in mind.

Gaining friendships

Senior living communities foster opportunities to make friends with those in the same stage of life. Social activities are right at the doorstep (no driving required) throughout the day, and this goes beyond dining. Group fitness classes, walks, coffee breaks, book clubs, gardening, movie and game nights are just some of the activities that residents can share with their friends and neighbors. Brookdale also provides additional resources for enhancing a culture of emotional and social well-being for its residents and trains its associates to help residents find ways to focus on self-care. Residents may also bring their furry friends, as Brookdale offers pet-friendly  communities.

Gaining time

Another major gain from senior living communities like Brookdale is time to do what people enjoy most, rather than spending their precious time on chores. Residents no longer must worry about loads of laundry or cleaning. If cooking nutritious meals, for example, becomes a burden – particularly as diets may need to shift due to health conditions – then senior living communities can alleviate that by taking care of meals – many provide residents meals based on individual taste and dietary needs. However, if cooking is something that is enjoyed, then residents are welcome to choose accommodations that allow them to do this on their own, with assistance as needed.

Gaining memories

When facing a caregiving challenge like a loved one living with Alzheimer’s and dementia, a memory care community like Brookdale can provide the compassion and support needed. In fact, studies show that seniors living in memory care communities often experience a higher quality of life than when they live at home.  These communities are not strictly clinical, in fact, at Brookdale, residents live in safe, apartment-like homes with staff committed to providing fun-filled activities that can help people continue to live with purpose and meaning. Many people find that when they know their loved ones are being taken care of by professional staff available 24 hours a day in a memory care community, they can then focus on enjoyable moments with their loved ones without the added stress of being the caregiver.

Considering what could be gained at a senior living community, rather than focusing on what might be no longer, can help foster meaningful discussions so that people can make the best decisions for themselves and their loved ones. Not sure where to even begin? Brookdale has plenty of resources available that can help answer many questions that people have, including how to find the right type of care, costs, and how to make the conversation and transition as smooth as possible.