Magic acts are performed by humans right before our eyes daily. Recently I was watching Formula 1 racing and the @RedBull pit crew changed all four of those big, hot, heavy tires in 1.91 SECONDS.  Seriously.  I had to watch the video that went live on social media over and over again. IF you haven’t seen it, search: Formula1 Fastest Tire Change.

The feat is remarkable on countless levels. It shows excellence, calm under pressure, keeping cool in the heat, working fast, efficiency and more. Frankly, it’s magical and mesmerizing. You don’t have to like racing to appreciate the precision. 

It’s worth watching for the sheer display of human excellence.  Personally I love these moments. They remind me of what is possible— not just as individuals —but more important, they exemplify the power of working together:  egos shelved, pure adrenaline rushing towards a single goal. It’s inspiration to the max.

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