Did you know that when life forces demand unusual energy, a phenomenon occurs whereby newfound energy can be accessed that prior we may not have realized existed?

William James (philosopher – psychologist, 1842-1910) was one of the first to write about this. He spoke of how we can find energy and power that we never dreamed about ourselves ‘owning’.  Sources of strength that while not normally tapped, are available to us almost on demand if necessary to push through fatigue.  

More amazing is that humanity, time and time again, has proven James’ theories correct as we evidently can tap new levels of energy when we are fatigued that actually make us feel refreshed and empowered. Runners, and other strength and endurance athletes, call it “getting a second wind.”  

Countless situations document stupendous demonstrations of strength which prove that we might not just get a second-wind…but a third, fourth and maybe potentially even more…that are all just waiting for us to demand their assistance.

I share this because sometimes we feel totally tapped out. Life demands are unending.  When we feel overwhelmed it’s time to stop, breathe, and remember: Do not fear going forward slowly; forces will come to our aid. Only fear standing still. You’ve got the power to handle whatever life sends your way. 

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