Because you asked, here’s how I stay lean & healthy.

• Lots of water. At least two 8oz glasses before any caffeine. More all day. If imbibing alcohol: 2 glasses of water per glass of wine or cocktail. Dehydration ages skin: Nobody looks good puffy!

• Lots of fruits & veggies: 75% of every meal. Imagine a plate 3/4 filled with vegetables you like—no oily sauces or dressings. Whether you also eat grains, meats, fish or dairy products—limit them to no more than 25% per meal.

• Walk. Wear a pedometer. Count your daily steps for a week. Add up the total of all the days & divide by 7. Then add 3,500 more steps than that every day—which amounts to about an additional mile (or 7 miles more a week!)

• Prepare simple, home-cooked meals. Buy fresh foods using as few ingredients as possible—but as many spices as you like, which will add new intriguing flavors.

• Don’t bring junk foods home. We all crave a variety of junk. I don’t bring it into my house–except for small amounts of dark chocolate/1 oz per day. If I were to buy junk, by 8pm my willpower is weak & it’s too much temptation. If it’s not there, I can’t eat it so instead I’ll reach for a piece of fruit & have an “I’m glad I did” moment. On that note— keep fruit on a counter within reach. What you see, you eat.

• Join a gym & go. Some form of weight resistance is important. When I can’t go to the gym, I do planks or push-ups on the floor or against a counter. I do 30 of them 3-5 times, dispersed throughout the day. If you want to try this, begin with 10 pushups or a plank counting as long as you can. Do it again, 3 to 5 times a day. These are full body motions that will get you in touch with all of your muscles.

• Get sleep. While I might get by with a 6-hour night, two of these in a row leads to serious grumpiness. 7-9 hours sleep each evening in a cool, dark room is ideal for physical, emotional & cognitive health.

• Breathing breaks. Throughout my day, I try to stop & take deep breaths for a minute. It’s so easy to fall into a habit of slouching & not fully expanding our chests for a deep breath. Even just a minute with closed eyes, is a rapid mood elevator.

This sums up my routine. Simple, right? Just have to do it.

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