Who and What is Silver Disobedience™?

Silver Disobedience® is the active rejection and disregard of the notion that getting older somehow equates to irrelevancy or obsolescence. Instead Silver Disobedience refutes this silliness with daily essays that explore the idea that perhaps our years of collective experiences that constitute a lifetime, are all necessary so that we can get to know ourselves and others more deeply and with greater kindness over time.

Welcome! I’m Dian Griesel, founder and Chief Influencer of the Silver Disobedience™ Movement. I am also an Icon model with Wilhelmina Models, who for the past 30 years, as a professional perception analyst, has advised more than 1,000 people on strategy and messaging. (Full bio and more here.) Every week hundreds of thousands of people, aged 48+, read my daily blogs that are shared a variety of ways including: on my website SilverDisobedience.Rocks which has more than 39,000 page views per month and my visitors stay for 39 minutes per visit; on branded @SilverDisobedience pages on Facebook & Instagram; @DianGriesel on Twitter; and, on several other social media pages that I built and control. My engagement rates are in the Top 1% on Instagram and Facebook. The average @SilverDisobedience post reaches hundreds of thousands; has over 3000 likes; more than 1000 highly engaged comments; and tons of shares. Almost 10,000 @SilverDisobedience followers have also subscribed to my “opt in white list email” and are open to receiving targeted offers and coupons from companies seeking to build their brand awareness with “those of a certain age.” My very public, highly documented reach is over 500,000+ people weekly.

Hopefully I’ve gotten your attention.

Silver Disobedience™ messages resonate with a powerful audience that is growing exponentially every day.  My connection with this age positive, older population is strong. We understand each other as a peers. This powerful, influential collective of intelligent, lively people is actively communicating and sharing their opinions in @SilverDisobedience forums while inviting their peers to join the discussion. Alive and well, the Silver Disobedience™ community is living lives you might not imagine — unless you’ve spent time reading through the more than 100,000+ comments that have been posted (since inception November 2017!) detailing how actively these people are living their lives. The uninformed might think we’re carrying diaper bags for our grandchildren: While this may be true, due to second marriages, advances in medicine and adoption– those diaper bags may be for our own children as well. SilverDisobedients™ represent a full Circle of Life demographic.

SilverDisobedience® partners with respectful businesses seeking to connect with our members through unique sponsored content and select offers exclusive to our followers.  

The Numbers:  Silver Disobedience™ reaches a significant segment of a powerful growing group. As of 2017, 50% of the population in the United States is over age 50: Those between ages 51 to 69 have hit 74 million strong. The number of Americans 65+ is projected to double over the next three decades from 35.9 million to almost 70 million. Thanks to growing health & fitness trends along with medical advances, the 85+ population is the fastest growing segment, and in an unprecedented longevity surge is projected to grow to 19 million strong by 2050. Those age 65 living in the USA today will live an additional 18 years, on average. Interestingly, the Silver Disobedience crowd might be grandparents or parents of young children…or both. As I said earlier–SilverDisobedience represents every phase of the Circle of Life.

The Money: The population that is 50+ makes up 42% of after-tax income in the US which is approximately $2.4 trillion.  Many in their 50s are still in their prime earning years as their careers continue to soar. Those of Silver Disobedience years outspend younger adults online, in brick-and-mortar stores, and in every other way 2:1. On a per capita basis, we’re spending more than other generations by an estimated $400 billion a year. AARP says we actually control over 70% of all US disposable income and its projected that we may inherit about $15 trillion in the next 20 years.

Work Lives: 10,000 of us reach retirement age every day. Most of us, however, actually plan to work well past age 65.  Why? Overall, we’re an entrepreneurial group: 45% of the Silver Disobedience™ population considers themselves to be entrepreneurs. We’re still buying cars, office supplies, advertising and spending more to grow our businesses.  Oh– did I forget to mention that 50% of us are women who still work full time? We’re an equal opportunity group.

Family Structures: Many of us are supporting and making choices for our adult children. This includes things like education, travel and housing. We’re helping with student loans, living expenses, transportation and medical bills. Two out of five of us that are parents have actually helped our children get out of debt by helping to repay outstanding bills.  We are refinancing mortgages, looking at annuities, wondering about social security, investing in stocks and bonds and watching our pennies while hoping they grow.

Homes:  We’re taking care of our homes. 66% of us won’t be moving or selling the homes we’ve been living in.  67% of us will stay in our home state to remain in proximity to our children and friends. Those of us who will move, 50% will reside within 30 miles of their hometown. 46% of us will want to move to bigger homes, while 54% will downsize.

Health Trends: We’re taking care of ourselves. We lead healthy lives. We’re members of health clubs. We bicycle, run and workout. We enjoy yoga, Pilates and Cross Fit. We are staying fit and energized. At the same time, we are buying health insurance, paying our out of pocket medical bills and adding life insurance to our inheritance gifts to future generations.

Online Shopping, Social Media & Technology: We’re better at technology than “kids” might think…and advertisers might realize.  77% of us own smartphones. We associate our phones with work flexibility and freedom. All said…some of us admit to being addicted to Video Games. However, the 50% of us that enjoy video games believe they are helping us with our cognitive decline. Silver Influencers™ like online and digital puzzles, solitaire, word games and trivia.  78% of us are online checking the news, ordering from all kinds of retail websites and…nobody has to give @SilverDisobedience followers permission to spend money.  Although you might think the Internet is where kids hang out…more than 71% of us are on social media including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more. We love YouTube and often consult it for instructions regarding “How To” projects, sewing and craft ideas, recipes and everything else the channels have to offer.

Entertainment:  @SilverDisobedience followers go to the movies, live theatre and we still rock out at concerts. Who else but us could pay those outrageous ticket scalper prices for the last Rolling Stones, U2, Billy Joel, Paul McCartney and Grateful Dead tours…or Bruce Springsteen on Broadway? We might even take a helicopter or private plane to get to our destination…although coach class is largely populated with us, too. Growing up with record players and albums–we are still largely willing to pay for our music choices. We like the tunes that take us back in time…as well as a surprisingly wide range of current artists. We make up almost one quarter of online music sales…and love live music too.

Travel: We’re traveling! Since many of us are still working…90% of us, are getting Paid Vacation Time–and about 54% of us are using all or most of it.  We take planes, trains, cruises, buses and cars. Many of us are working through our Bucket Lists…and we’re not opposed to getting great suggestions for travel destinations.  We trust what our friends say about places including hotels, airlines, car rental companies and everything else that goes into planning a perfect trip.

Leisure Time: 42% of us still enjoy watching basic TV and cable channels. About 21% of us are testing out Netflix, Hulu and Amazon TV — thanks to the influence of our children and grandchildren.  We are readers. 40% of us still like books–whether traditionally bound or Kindles.  We’re gardeners–whether we live in suburban, country or even city settings. We like plants and flowers.  69% of us still enjoy caring for our yards and gardens.

Silver Disobedience™ members are informed and active consumers who actively share their opinions through spending money, then telling friends and others all about their choices through social media sharing…AND good old-fashioned face-to-face conversations!

Shockingly, widely respected research reports that only 5% -10% of all marketing efforts target “those of a certain age.”

That’s a very expensive decision.

Silver Disobedience research confirms the frustration felt by this valuable audience expressed daily through commenting on our blog posts. They openly acknowledge feelings of being ignored and abandoned by marketers. Worse, due to choices of the words and/or the actors in campaigns designed to target their pockets – many Silver Disobedients have expressed that they feel disrespected. Don’t believe me. Go on our very pubic pages and read the commentary yourself. What a shame and loss for those companies and brands that don’t understand the potential impact of reaching decision-making Silver Disobedients™ of the World.

I know the value of this audience.

I appreciate their opinions.

I am #SilverDisobedience Together we are #SilverDisobedients and we have the ability to grant access to the powerful world of #SilverInfluence

See what @SilverDisobedience has to say. Join the active conversation!  

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