A huge benefit of age is that we won’t get fooled again. Or maybe we will. But if so, it will be due to a desire to believe in our fellow humans—which is a wonderful trait. It is far less likely that it will be due to being tricked by appearances.

Life teaches us that appearances can be deceiving. While some people are exactly as they appear, sometimes what we see might not reveal the whole story. The jokester may be hurting inside. The one who seems to have it all might be depressed beyond measure. Possessions might be acquired at the expense of debt, sacrifices or an emptiness seeking to be filled. Likewise, the abrasive personality might be a guise for a wounded heart. The argumentative person might simply be uneducated in how to communicate from the heart. The photographs on social media might be highly filtered for maximum response.

To increase the likelihood of survival, all species are somewhat chameleon-like in nature. Yet for most of us, these tendencies seem to be shed with age. Through the passing of time and gaining of experiences, we tend to become more in touch with who we are and what we like. The benefit of this is that we are instinctively drawn to recognize others who also want to reveal what might have been hidden behind a facade for the purpose of self-defense, aiming to avoid exposure to hurtful people or situations.

Walking our individual paths, understanding the ways life has shaped us, we can choose new filters to see ourselves, others and the world. Time has helped us see beyond the surface of appearances. Experience has enhanced our abilities to see beauty as it was meant to be recognized and defined: Comfort with oneself.

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