Our bodies are so amazingly tolerant & resilient that we may be guilty of taking ours for granted. Since it’s rare to get something for nothing, including where the human body is concerned, ignoring basics of human existence will not work for the long haul.  We must learn to give our body what it needs for the most part, so it can fulfill our expectations of a long & healthy life. It’s up to each of us to maintain our health and keep it strong if we want to stay active & vital.

Maintaining health requires some discipline & acknowledgement of responsibility. Our minds must rule our actions. Our hands and mouth don’t think—as much as we all might like to believe they operate with minds of their own! Every time we pick something up, put it in our mouth & swallow, we’ve made a choice. So chew on that a moment…

Only conscious thoughts & choices will supervise what gets into our stomachs, determine whether we exercise, decide how many hours of sleep we get & so on. In many ways, we choose our level of health. Yes, there are absolutely exceptions, but the majority of illnesses with age are self-induced from poor health habits.

Our bodies are amazing, marvelous “machines” that  are more efficient than the most exotic machines ever created. Years of abuse can be tolerated, but eventually there’s a payday. There is no “free lunch.” Ultimately, we become accountable for the sins we’ve made against our bodies, and we’re charged the most expensive price of all as we have to pay with our health, energy and life.

But here’s the good news: Our bodies strive to be healthy. This is their natural state! So, if we start adding more fruits and vegetables to our meals; drink 8-10+ glasses of fresh water daily; limit consumption of processed foods; limit alcohol & keep coffee to no more than a cup or two a day; eat more lean meats, natural grains & raw, unsalted nuts; start moving more and regularly…aiming to build our strength —our bodies will do their best to respond.

Today is a perfect day to consciously make healthier choices. To think before we put something in our mouths. To think before we sit on the couch for the evening. Little changes feel good…and they’re the catalyst for greater health & longevity.

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