Focusing illusion is what happens whenever we fixate obsessively on some person, event or thing and start exaggerating the impact that we think it will have on our happiness —either positively or negatively. We cannot imagine not thinking about whatever it is.

With focused illusions, most of whatever it is we obsessed upon ultimately loses our interest. Once again we are on the hunt for something that will captivate our attention, make us want it and excite us to work for it.

Often when focused illusions kick in we are actually processing limited information, yet giving it grand potential for betterment in our lives or, conversely, damage.

Examples of focused illusions are wanting to believe things like “everyone who lives in California is more happy” or “owning an exotic car will make us more cool.” While we may move to CA or get those hot wheels, if we didn’t feel particularly happy or cool prior to our move and purchase…not much will have changed.

Focusing Illusions are not a bad thing. Upon examination, they offer insights into ourselves and can be supremely positive forces used for motivation to better our lives. They may also be telling us that we’re giving our thoughts too much attention vs. participating in living. Einstein said:  ‘Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.’ So, if we really want to make any changes, a good start is examining the illusions we focus on because wherever we go, there we are.

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