We each choose how we see life. As believers or non-believers; as lovers or haters; as creators or critics; as givers or takers; as active or passive; with passion or apathy; with joy or sadness; with hope or despair; with strength lifting all or weakness attempting to drown others; with willingness to grow or unwillingness to try; with commitment or disloyalty; with consistency or inconsistency; with kindness or disregard; with respect towards all or disrespect towards our brothers and sisters of human-kinds.

We get to choose. Over and over again with each person we encounter and in each circumstance that unfolds. Choice is fluid, not cemented. The flow of choices never ends. Every moment is an opportunity to make a new choice. The choices are ours and ours alone to own. 

In old age, as we reflect on our lives, what it will all get down to is this: Are we happy with our choices…or not? 

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