I want to become one with the rhythms of the Universe. Unplanned and inexplicable as they are, my goal is to be like water: Fluid, flexible, adjusting to the “heat of the moment” while being more spontaneous, natural, compassionate, and simple.

 I, like so many of us, like to believe in the illusion that I am in control. So, it is a constant challenge to confront my flexibility issues. 

Here’s an example: This week four of my clients missed deadlines that were important to my schedule.  At first I felt annoyed by the inconvenience. My schedule and plans were disrupted. Yet, upon reflection, each situation was a gift. While I was prepared, my action was not yet required. I was grateful for my preparation, and more important — and most truly relevant — was that I received not one but 4 real-time lessons, reminding me about the necessity to hone my flexibility and the importance of learning to “go with the flow.”

I don’t need gurus, mountain top retreats, or anything else to find my way.  I need to pay attention to the lessons in life as it flows. Worrying less about time, days, years and decades — and more about the process and experiences of the moments. Working to be prepared for when the timing is right, and, enjoying the moment whether my preparation is demanded or not. 

That’s what I’m thinking about today.

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