No relationship in life succeeds if we believe that everything is 50-50.  Sometimes it’s 90-10. Sometimes 10-90. Sometimes 99 -1%.  Sometimes we get carried or are the carrier. 

Successful relationships are not based on if the other is “giving their 50%.” Rather, they are based on self-direction to give 100% regardless of what the other is giving.  Doing what needs to be done. Giving what needs to be given. Acting on what needs to be acted upon without an accounting sheet in hand. Without job descriptions as to whose job it is to do what.  Successful relationships seem to be based on just doing.  Letting our actions flow from our hearts without a score card or check list divided into columns.  

Relationships are a form of team work.  We’ve all heard the expression, “There’s no ‘I’ in team.” While relationship does have an “i” in it, that “ship” will sink if we put too much weight on that “i”. 

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