Back in my early 20s, an idea cemented in my mind that there was only one attitude to have toward living, and that was to “ferrignoit.”

Let me explain. 

It was the 1986 Ms. Olympia contest at Madison Square Garden’s Felt Forum in New York City. Lou Ferrigno, winner of the IFBB Mr. America title and two Mr. Universe titles, and a successful TV actor (he starred in The Incredible Hulk), was addressing the crowd. 

Yet while Mr. Ferrigno was speaking, a few snide comments and mumbling could be heard about him to the effect that he was “all brawn, no brains.” 

How quickly the bodybuilding fans had come to disregard his stupendous championships and other successes. 

Then somebody finally said, “Shut up! Listen to him more closely. Don’t you know he’s almost 100 percent deaf since childhood?” 

The embarrassment of the chimers around me was palpable as they surely reflected on their own ability to hear, yet their simultaneous inability to listen and marvel at the feats Mr. Ferrigno had achieved—all with a significant hearing disability.

At that moment, a new word formed in my mind that summed up the stamina it takes to be great no matter what disadvantages we might have: ferrignoit. 

To “ferrignoit” means to maintain the strength to work harder than everybody else to get what we want, no matter what adversities life might have thrown at us.  

I’m not sure if this word is in the dictionary—but it should be.

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