All of us have the ability to recall painful situations in our pasts that still feel like they’re blasting at 11 on the volume dial…and not playing a particularly pleasant tune.

While we may believe we “can’t escape our pasts” — that somehow we’re fenced in on all sides — this belief triggers a question: While few are likely to recall a perfect past — why is there a tendency to blame certain people in our lives, crediting them as the root of any and all of our present day dysfunctional activities and behaviors — BUT (and yes it’s a big BUT) we take 100% of the credit for all aspects of our present day lives that are going well?

Everyone does this to some degree or another. So—let’s acknowledge a fact: Everyone’s past involved dysfunction and poo-poop, so why would we want to step in it again? We’re only kidding ourselves if we believe otherwise.  The underlying issue is accepting responsibility for our choices at any and every age.

For example, having just re-read J.D. Salinger’s Catcher in the Rye for about the 5th time because of my own education and that of my kids — growing up & taking responsibility for our choices is clearly something that has been a challenge since at least 1951! Heck, Shakespeare and Plato wrote about this issue as well.  That makes it an old and recurring theme!

So the point for today is this: If you really want to hold onto your past, ask yourself why? What’s the benefit? If you can’t find a clear cut benefit, get present. Your past is untouchable. Your future? That’s yours to own and mold with no excuses.

This is Silver Disobedience® philosophy. I’m @DianGriesel aka @SilverDisobedience A Perception Analyst who shares my Daily Meditations for other Ageless, Passionate & Curious People.  More info in my bio & my websites.