While $%*t happens, our lives are not so much determined by what life brings our way, as they are impacted by the attitudes we bring to life. Certainly we all know an assortment of uncontrollable circumstances do color our lives, but we still get to decide what colors we will see with our free-thinking-minds. You see, we can view life as dull, dark and gray or we can choose to see more of the vibrant shades of green, blues and yellows. 

This same thinking applies to our perspectives on people and situations. Over time, it’s real easy to start thinking that the people we are closest to have lost their sparkle and shine. If we perceive them as dull, that perception will likely be fulfilled for us ( though it is important to note that another might not have that same perception about the person we think is starting to feel boring.) Yet, if we shifted our minds to view that person kind of like a package to be opened — or even like a trip to outer space — we would probably realize they are actually still intriguing and worth exploration.  

Likewise, if we begin each day viewing it as a struggle vs. a reward, we’re likely to feel as if we are struggling through the day, instead of basking in its glory.  

It is helpful to view life and all it holds as a mental challenge vs a board (or bored) game that we are merely navigating.  

Just a thought as I start this day trying to keep my finger on the pulse of love.

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