Guilt is an intense emotion. It can be a motivating force for change or debilitating. At any age, something we did or said can trigger a sense of guilt. We are humans be-ing. As such, we all have those moments that make us wish we could turn back time. But, since time waits for no one, and since we all are mostly in agreement that we wouldn’t want to go backwards in time unless we could know all we know now — which would be impossible to do without having made that supposed mistake that might be making us feel guilty in the first place —  the real issue is awareness.

Here’s the good thing about becoming aware: Awareness must happen before anything can change. So if we’re feeling guilty, on some level we’re aware.  We have to be aware to focus on what needs changing before we can change it.  So as Confucius said, The real fault is to have faults and not amend them.

There’s no time better than the present to start working on whatever it is that we’ve become aware of, that could use a tweak, adjustment, modification, apology, or whatever to move forward.

Remember: We really only feel guilty or have a bothered conscience about the things we know we’ve done wrong. Making a sincere attempt to change or apologize works wonders for alleviating guilty feelings, allowing us to get on with living more joyfully. 

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