What is your favorite daily ritual? The range of our rituals are as varied as our personalities — yet, they each hold personal value and benefits. Rituals range from things like making our beds in the morning to how we make a cup of coffee to prayer or another religious ceremony to practicing an instrument and more. 

Rituals provide us with a sense of structure, connection and even purpose.  Rituals are noted to reduce anxiety. They can positively impact our thoughts, feelings and behaviors as they create a sense of security, kind of like: Well no matter what is going wrong…at least I did _____ like I always do.  Rituals help us to find our own rhythm within the chaos of life and some rituals may also help us to connect with others. While a ritual may appear to be simple on the surface, it’s true value may run deep, offering a sense of meaning and purpose. 

I have a few favorite daily rituals. They’re simple things like washing off all makeup before bedtime, taking a long walk and spending some time reading. Writing and sharing this blog every day has become another favorite ritual. It calms me, reminds me that I’m a work in progress who is still learning…even at 60 — when in my younger days I might have thought I should have it all figured out by now! 

What is your favorite daily ritual? How does it help ground you? Feel free to share if you’re comfortable with that. 

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