I have a fantasy life and a reality life. Age and time have enabled me to accept this, understand the difference and to act accordingly to embrace both.

As a small example, my fantasy life imagines having a dinner party every night of the week, going into the wee hours of the morning, with different guests comprised of all the fascinating people I know along with those whom I add to my “person-al” collection throughout the year.  (Whether you know it or not, you’ve each been on the invite list for these fabulous fantasy dinner party discussions!) Then, my reality life kicks in and says: “Oh really? This is interesting considering after work, you’re pretty tired, and you like to be in bed by 10pm!”

Today I accept that those parties are possible…but planning, schedules, and more will be required. They can still happen. Just maybe not every night. Possibly only once a month. Certainly everyone I’d like to dine with may be unavailable as well, due to their own issues with time and place. 

Still, the point is: We can all make an effort to bridge the life we envision with the one we are living, to create the one we want.

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