You know, don’t stop be-leafing…I like you a latte. And as things are a little tense these days, downright Un-be-leaf-able…I think it’s time for me to be just a little bit corny.  So, in the spirit of Fall, it’s time to lighten things up, and give you pumpkin to talk about because every day I’m rustlin’!

Enjoy these Fall jokes that are suitable for Kids of All Ages!

1- How do you fix a broken pumpkin? 

2- What did the tree say to autumn?

3- What runs around the pumpkin far, but doesn’t move?

4- Why are trees very forgiving?

5- What do trees say when they get their leaves back in Spring?

Answers: 1- With a pumpkin patch! 2- Leaf me alone! 3- The fence! 4- Because every Fall they let it go and in the Spring they turn over a new leaf. 5- What a re-leaf!

Stay Bootiful! I be-leave in you.  

PS: This shot is my whip it up attempt to achieve the Bride of Frankenstein look as I plan out my Halloween costume!

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