Recently I gathered 100,000 responses from us in an anonymous @SilverDisobedience Instagram poll over 4 days. I thought you’d like to see the results!

91% of us are over age 35; 69% are 45-64+. 85% of us don’t define ourselves by age; 91% believe our attitudes are younger than past generations. 79% are active, 81% are optimistic about their futures & 59% feel like they’re in their prime. 93% firmly confirm age is reflected as an attitude towards living, not a number we reach. 79% feel more confident than 10 years ago and 94% feel wiser. 63% of us still work, and 28% believe it’s never too late to start a new career. 70% are more concerned about staying healthy than financial worries.

Against this sense of confidence is a battle with societal perspectives, advertisers & brands. 87% of us openly share our age, yet 77% believe this is to our detriment. Over 84% believe ageism does exist: with 78% of older women negatively stereotyped & 31% of men getting the same adverse treatment. 63% felt ignored by most print media + only 16% believe people 50+ are accurately reflected in ads. Only 13% believe this accurate portrayal applies in films & TV; 93% believe these mediums don’t portray aging men & women equally. Smart brands will listen up as 95% of the respondents firmly voiced that they would place greater value on those brands they felt understood them.

News & Entertainment-wise 87% of respondents prefer print news sources; 66% still read print magazines. As to shopping online vs. in store? 64% prefer the physical stores – although 52% would click to buy products that they see mentioned favorably online. This year 81% were planning to vacation; 59% attended a concert & 22% still play recreational sports. 92% believe we can start a new hobby at any age.

A Circle of Life audience, 34% still care for their own children or now parents. 63% live close to their adult children: 39% in cities, 61% in suburbs or countryside. • Of all respondents, 73% read the SilverDisobedience blog five (5) or more times a week , either on the website or social media. Thanks as always for joining me! We’re a fascinating crowd! I’m @DianGriesel aka @SilverDisobedience