I don’t know about you, but age has given me hooded eyes. Because of this I’m perpetually in search of the perfect mascara so I can get as much of an eyes-wide-open look as possible.

So what makes a perfect mascara? Whether I’m on set or not, my mascara demands are the same. Certainly, I prefer no clumping mascara. I like a natural look that gives the illusion of instantly longer lashes. Next, unless I’m intentionally aiming to look as cool as Robert Smith from The Cure, no smudging is a must.  I expect 12 hours of wear! Yes! I’m quite demanding of my mascara – but seriously? Who has time to refresh mascara during the day! I sure don’t, so I want my morning application to last all day and often into the night without flaking or worse making me look like a racoon.

So here’s my list of the best mascaras. They’re my favorites for a variety of reasons which I’ve shared below!

Voluminous XFiber

This mascara by L’Oreal Paris really surprised me. The package promised to create both extreme volume and length…and it does! While some mascara’s claim to have lengthening fibers, this one does – and for the right price of less than $11.00. The brush on one side of the tube adds volume. The other brush adds length…Really! During the day it clings and certainly passes the no-flake test, which was something I doubted would be possible in light of the fibers. But hold, last, build volume and length it does. It’s a winner! I use it in blackest black.

Maybelline The Flasies LiftLash:

This is the only waterproof mascara on my list. While makeup artists choose waterproof mascara as their go-to option on set – I don’t like wearing it day-to-day. Not that there’s anything wrong with waterproof mascara…it’s just that I do like to wash off my mascara at the end of the day with water!  However, all this said, if I was going to be on set or shooting pictures on location all day? The Falsies Liftlash by Maybelline would be the mascara I’d be wearing! It claims volumizing, lengthening and lifting (like a good bra!) and it curls! No clumps, smears or flakes reported! Just a good day-long-lasting…into the night mascara! Also very reasonable price-wise at about $10.50 or less!


NYX Professional Makeup Color Mascara, Purple

While I always battle keeping the purple out of my naturally white hair — I’m a big fan of purple mascara! I’ve got very dark brown eyes, but there is something about purple mascara that gives my eyes a whole new look! It’s fun, but not over the top. If you want to try a new look, for a very reasonable price – usually less than $17.00 I highly recommend this NYX mascara!


Maybelline Great Lash:

I’m not sure any best mascaras list would be complete without mentioning Maybelline Great Lash which is one of the longest-on-the-market, perennial favorites of so many.  That said, the one I buy is clear! While my hair has turned largely white, my eyebrows are still quite naturally brown.  Because of this, my quick go to eyebrow technique may involve some pencil to fill in a scar I have – but then it’s a swipe and brush of Maybelline Great Lash in clear that holds my brows fashionably in place for the day! Less than $15.00 – it lasts and lasts and it’s a makeup staple of mine.


Lancome Paris Cils Booster XL Super Enhancing Mascara Base:

If you want to get a totally new look, this white mascara base packs a double whammy.  First as a white base mascara once applied, it looks like you’ve just arrived in from a snowstorm. Frankly, that makes it a lot of fun for photos and Insta-grammable moments. But as a base prior to my black mascara, it does visibly magnify and lengthen lashes which adds a cool glamor look. I’ve tried a combo mix too: Applying it on upper and lower lashes – but then lining my lower lashes and only putting mascara on my upper lashes. It’s a high-fashion glam effect that is always fun! Under $27, it’s a great-to-have secret tool for your mascara collection!

Let us know what you think!  And remember while it is beyond tempting to keep a favorite mascara unit it gets completely dried out –for optimal eye health — mascaras should be replaced if they are not already used up every three months with 5 months at the absolute life limit.  Applicators can be a breeding ground of bacteria from all different sources and these can inadvertently get transferred to skin, lashes and delicate eye tissue.  This can cause eye irritation and possibly even eye infections.

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