There really is no truth in most dialog, except let’s say in math. Certainly there are hard truths, but it takes hard work to get to them, understand their absolute nature and accept their ultimate reality. Otherwise, much of life what we perceive and believe.

Want to have more fun communicating, consider any of these scenarios and applying these responses.

“It’s time to face the facts.”  (Whose facts?)

“Look what you made me do!” (What exactly did you do and how did I manage to do it?)

“Get real.” (Whose reality exactly?)

“You’re the worst driver.” (Who are you comparing me to?)

“Don’t force me to explode.” (Exactly how did I access that power?)

“People don’t like you.” (Who specifically are those that you claim dislike me?)

“You don’t look like you belong here.” (Who thinks I don’t belong?)

Reality? Perceptions? All are in the eye of the beholder. 

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