Lots of research reports that experiences provide greater satisfaction than accumulating yet another thing. Basically, getting experiential is doing anything that you’ve thought about and wanted to do, but just never did—or never did enough of.

Experiential living doesn’t have to be expensive: There is a great deal to see and do in this life that can be new, different and inexpensive. However, without action, the opportunity to do so may fade away.

Every time I am in front of a camera I’m in an experiential state. I’m playing with hair, makeup, clothes, poses and expressions. I learn something every time, usually laugh a lot and find myself both amused and energized by the process. Now, having a photography studio, I’m really having extra experiential fun because I am a sort of energy conduit who gets to help others transform in real time as I coach and encourage them to relax and have fun through a series of poses and expressions. Almost daily, the benefits of experiential living are reinforced, especially when our studio guests say: “THIS photoshoot was better than a year of therapy!”

What are the experiences you’d like to try? Think about how you feel about the idea of experiences versus things. And if experiences are what you crave, how will you start to make those plans become experiential realities?

PS: I’m not implying a photoshoot is a substitute or replacement for therapy. Rather I’m stating that when the focus in all on you, and you’re smiling and having fun — it is pretty therapeutic and downright transformational. It’s an experience the I wish everyone would risk experiencing with someone they trust.  

Lots of love,

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