Are you feeling exhausted? Lately I’m hearing a lot of people talking about how exhausted they are. Exhaustion is discussed with a level of disbelief, like “How can I be exhausted? I’m not doing half of what I used to do!”

Brains are mushier than ever. Tension is running higher. We’re becoming nervously exhausted from the news and ongoing, demanding responsibilities. Resentments are rising and the fighting that ensues is even more exhausting because really, nobody wants to be fighting in the first place. We are tired and wondering if we have the energy to change our situation…or even if we understand just what that situation is.  Increasingly, lately, we can feel so tired we slip into wondering if there will ever be relief from the stress.  

So what do we do? You know I’m glad you asked! 

Now more than ever, we need a plan. A good start is to note our accomplishments. Heck, we all woke up this morning! That’s a good thing. After achieving that important goal, as for the rest of the day?  We need a plan of attack. For me, it starts with a list and a bright yellow marker. I write down everything I want to do — which ranges from friends and family I want to call, work responsibilities, taking a walk, doing some exercise throughout the day, drinking water (I don’t need to remind myself to eat!), read, write, answer comments plus all kinds of minutia and otherwise insignificant actions that I might not normally write down. The more yellow I see on the page throughout the day from crossing things off, the better I feel. I use a highlighter because this allows me to still “see” what I did vs. scribbling it off.  My lists may go on for more than one page. But still, the more I write down what needs to be done and check it off, the more I feel empowered regarding how my time is being spent.

Interestingly this process can move our thinking from mere survival mode to accomplishment thinking. When we recognize what we’ve gotten done, we feel more confident in the moment.  We are reminded that one step at a time we can handle whatever is happening…even if much of it is happening as we might like.  

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