Excellence triggers the goose bumps when we witness it. The 25th Anniversary Benefit for @RockersOnBroadway was excellence on display for four straight hours of spectacular musical enjoyment. My dear friend Laura Tufariello (who I met the first night I moved to NYC 30+ years ago!)  invited me to this event  that included over 15 professional musicians who joined another 20+ Broadway vocalists:  Each singer sequentially took the stage one-by-one, performing one rock song after another. Every performer commanded attention  during their renditions, belting  out in their signature styles. The vocalists ranged in age from 11 to well into their Silver Disobedience® years. As each singer captured the attention of the audience, the band adapted flawlessly. The timing superb; the chemistry totally awesome. Adding to the layers of magic were songs with drummer Simon Kirke of the super group, Bad Company, who didn’t miss a beat as he sang crisply and clearly while banging those drums and reminding us all to remember that we are  “shooting stars.”  The show concluded with a memorable finale by Pete Townshend (yes, guitar slaying Pete) of The Who who prodded us all to let “love open the door” as “the only key to our hearts that can stop us from falling apart” with strong vocals that sounded more seasoned and beautiful than ever plus acoustic guitar-playing prowess that rock and roll fantasy’s are made of. The intimate standing-only crowd was treated to a finale of the magic of the Tommy soundtrack, in a 20 minute compilation that featured the remarkable singing of Broadway performer and producer Donnie Kehr and all the other performers and musicians together.

While I left at midnight (through I hear the party ended after breakfast) I couldn’t sleep (even though midnight is past my bedtime!) So many thoughts were racing through my mind as to what makes a moment so memorable that you know you just experienced the merger of excellence and magic.   

I asked Mr. Kehr, “How much time did these musicians spend practicing with each other prior to these performances?” He said, “About 10 minutes, but a lot of preparation went in prior to those rehearsals.” That’s the understatement of the year!

Excellence is many things, but here’s what I learned from this remarkable performance by this brilliant collective of talented musicians. Excellence results from tremendous amounts of practice, consistency, preparation, professionalism, generosity, spirit, transcendence, class, purity, finesse, commitment, happiness, collaboration, mastery, flexibility, and endless preparation. And…Practice! Yes, it deserves repeating twice.

If you want to make a donation to this amazing organization that supports arts eduction, please check out my Instagram stories of some of the footage and swipe up! Thanks.

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