Every age of life is equally important. Just as each moment segues into a next, each moment is wholly distinct from the last. The aggregate value of these moments turns into years and ultimately is accounted for as our age.

When we think about age, we often talk about wisdom.  It would be a mistake to believe that a 2 or 8 or 14 or 18 or 24 year old lacks wisdom. Each stage of life is a window into different understandings and people at ever age are full of very unique, wise interpretations. Clinically, these awarenesses reflect mental state or development of the brain at the time. However, they also deserve to be recognized for their unique awareness of life and whole immersion in current culture as it is evolving in real-time.

What age brings is more experiences. This is unique benefit of age because the more we live the more experiences we accrue. Important Note:  I did not say the longer we are ‘alive’ I wrote the more we ‘live’— please note the differentiation…and here’s why…

Daily, new experiences come our way whether we like them or not. Our reactions and reflections to them aggregate. We can choose to just live through them, letting them accrue in ways that jade us, closing us off to new ideas & experiences….OR we can embrace them (good, bad or ugly) so that they assemble together to create new-found wisdoms and awarenesses that are different not just from our younger days…but from the day before!

To maintain a young mind with an experienced brain—we need to keep merging these concepts. Everyday gives us a new opportunity to become wiser than yesterday if we choose to reflect and learn from our inevitable daily lessons.

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