Humans are more complicated than math. More complex than science. Harder to master than an instrument. More challenging than excelling at any sport.

In light of this, why do we believe we will take a course, read a book, partake in a relationship or venture on a journey that will suddenly help us master all that causes us to struggle, feel pain, worry and stumble?

We find ourselves when we stop looking. Ironic isn’t it?  Yet I still look. So do you.  And everyone else does too. Somehow we find it too hard to believe that life really gets down to something as simple as: We’re born into life with an unidentified expiration date. Until that date arrives, whatever we put into life is usually a reflection of what we’re getting out of it. “Usually” because life also comes with zero, zip, nada when it comes to guarantees that crap — sometimes really sad things that shake us — won’t happen.

It takes incredible perseverance and strength to understand this as well as hard work to live it. There are rewards, but none like pseudo guru’s promise. The rewards are far more subtle. A few less reactions, when maybe we just need to listen. A few more smiles, when we reach quiet connections with others. A few more good night’s of sleep when we accept that we did our best for the day…and that was good enough.  

Don’t be so hard on yourself. Don’t believe that chiming inner voice that says: “Everyone else has it more together.” They might. They might not. But their life isn’t your life so, their “togetherness” is really quite irrelevant to yours.  

Keep showing up and greeting life on its terms everyday. You’re most probably doing just fine…maybe even finer than you think.

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