“Essential” is a word that has been tossed around this year. Essential means absolute, necessary and important. I’d like to assure you that we are all essential. 

If you have been reading my essays — whether one or all — you know I am a firm believer in taking personal responsibility. To take personal responsibility means acknowledging that we are “essential” to our livelihoods and responsible for making sure our bills get paid. Therefore, we are all essential workers. We are all essential to a healthy functioning society. Don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise. Don’t believe me?  Imagine a day in the life without your toilets flushing. 

Society is one massive intertwined construct made by the contributions of all people to the whole.

This isn’t a political statement. It is a psychological statement of fact. I believe work is essential to sanity. It gives humans a sense of purpose. It gives us the ability to grow and improve our lives. The right to work and support ourselves is essential to living a healthy fulfilled life.

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