An epitaph is a phrase or statement written in memory of a person who has died. It’s a brief proclamation intended to sum up the highlights of one’s existence while on Earth. Have you ever thought about what you might like yours to say?

We’re all going to die. Yet, reflecting occasionally on how we think we will be remembered or want to be remembered is time well spent. While we may be perfectly happy with the epitaph that we envision would be written by others as they reflect on our life contributions — doing this exercise ourselves can help motivate us to change our ways and how we spend the remaining days of our lives. Maybe there is something we’ve wanted, needed or thought we should do.

While none of us can physically live forever, there are things we can each choose to do to impact the memories of a few or many for years to come.  Time on Earth is finite. The legacy of memories we leave can last forever. Today is a good day to begin acting in ways that will reflect the collective legacy we will want to be remembered for—which hopefully is a very long long way away.

PS: No, this is not my artwork. But I do love street art!

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