Have you had an epiphany yet? Maybe you’ve had many. Epiphanies are those surprising insights, awarenesses, realizations, inspirations, eye-openers that suddenly make us see the world, another or a situation differently. It’s kind of like a lightning bolt strikes and gives us new clues that unearth different, fresh perspectives.

Epiphanies can be triggered by momentous life events, whether perceived as positive or negative. Yet, they can also arise from something as simple as a passage read in a book or even from lyrics in a song that resonate with us for some reason.

Like that expression, you can’t put a square peg into a round hole, the fascinating thing about an epiphany is that it’s as if our minds reshape with these new realizations as well. We have a sudden, intuitive perception and insight into different realities or essential meanings relating to whatever it is we’re having that epiphany about.

While epiphanies can be triggered by big things…I believe our years make us more open-minded to the possibilities of daily epiphanies which can arise in the most unexpected, yet also all-quite-common circumstances.  It could be an expression we catch on our own face or another that suddenly grants deeper understanding; a phrase said in passing that takes on a new meaning; an unfiltered thought from a child that delivers a new truth; the sight of a stranger’s plight that changes our perspectives; help offered to us or by us that opens our hearts…anything really—that triggers a change. Our thinking gets revised in a way that helps us to grow into kinder more open and welcoming people.

I have new epiphanies daily as I read the thousands of comments that are added to these blogs. It’s like we’ve all connected in a massive group therapy session! Today, I want to thank you all for sharing your wisdom, as it’s helping me, too, to become a better person. Upon reading all the sharing on these pages, the proverbial “genie in the bottle gets released” and thinking can never go back to how it was. And…that’s a good thing!

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