Good entrances or exits in a show can define climactic moments. Done with passion, they can make supporting players new stars who are suddenly in demand for future productions. ✨While we’re alive, it’s our job to play our parts boldly. This often means we must adapt to new challenges that require us to dig deeply into our hearts to bring greater passion for each role we accept. All this, while also interacting with the characters we meet throughout every “stage” of life. ✨It is our unique responsibility to do whatever is necessary to play our roles with all the energy we can muster to make our “life show” a greater success. Adapting, ad-libbing, using prompts and retakes as necessary. This life is your show: The big show. ✨At the end of a lifetime, nobody will reflect with us on the tragedies, comedies, love stories, fantasies and dramas in the same way. The end story is ours. With this said, at any and every age we might as well write a good story and perform it well! ✨Whether our tales will be told as part smiles and laughter coupled with tears and  heartache, season after season, it will all only be decided at our final cut. Until then, we must accept our part, playing each stage with the best and most passionate performance we can give. To do otherwise only shortchanges this gift we’ve been given of life.✨While we don’t always get to choose our entrances or exits, we are the writing team of our lines. We decide the plots, build the dialogue, determine the conflicts, overcome the complications and decide the climaxes—of which there may be many. ✨The stage is ours. How will you recall your performance? Remember, at any point (as Hollywood knows) prior to airtime, there are plenty of opportunities for all kinds of changes, rewrites, new settings, new characters, evolving personalities, special music and more. ✨Direct as you see fit. The show is yours.✨

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