Enlightenment is the ability to give intellectual or spiritual light to others; offer instruction; or, impart knowledge. By this definition, everyone interacting with this blog is enlightened as each comment shares informative thoughts, experiences & insights.

Now, that our mutual enlightenment has been established, let’s correct a big misperception relating to enlightenment: While one may be enlightened, it does not mean they have complete self-power so that their minds don’t swing wildly between good/bad; right/wrong; do it/not such a good idea to do it. No matter how much we pray & meditate, thoughts will whip us around. As committed as we are to another, we may still suffer whiplash when someone we find attractive catches our attention. We can be devoted to eating healthy & exercising, yet tempted by our favorite junk foods. We may work hard to be peaceful; but still feel moments of fury.

Harmony is really what we want as it improves our enlightenment. Harmony is the simultaneous combination of tones, that when blended into chords become pleasing to the ear. So the goal for a more peaceful life is to become more harmonious by allowing all of the day’s high & low notes to blend together.

Throughout our lives we have dealt with pleasant & unpleasant situations & people. When we allow discord to become new ‘chords’ blended with pleasantries, we create our own special harmonious life song.

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